VanishRing by Jimmy Strange - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

VanishRing by Jimmy Strange - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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Perform magic in a way your spectators have never seen before! This will astonish those witnessing the miracle of VanishRing!

VanishRing is a whole new concept with a disappearing and appearing ring.

Place the ring, or even toss it, towards your hand and it magically appears on your finger.

Then simply pluck the ring off and it vanishes into thin air.

The tutorial reveals the secret, the tools, and the handling to perform this great effect.

- Easy to perform
- No difficult sleights
- Ideal for beginners

BONUS Routine: Ring Through Finger

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Neat idea, cheap and easy to do. Review by Hubabakanda
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 80%
Jimmy Strange has come up with yet another great idea. This time, it involves a neat way to vanish a ring. In this video, Jimmy teaches you how to prepare your own gimmick ring, using tools that are cheap and easy to find. All you need is a steady hand and a good eye and you'll have a trick that you can do again and again, and the great thing is if you follow Jimmy's instructions well you're left clean. Jimmy explains very simply and the demos are very easy to follow. My only quibble would be that, as is often the case on magic videos, the music can be a bit overpowering. But that's a very minor quibble for what is an ingenious idea.

(Posted on 27/10/2017)

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