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Visions by Matthew Wright

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Visions is an incredibly powerful and simple double-prediction effect, suitable for walk-around and parlour. It can very easily be adapted into a full stage routine.

An envelope is placed in full view. A spectator is asked to imagine they are drawing a picture in their mind... it is a free choice and exists only in their mind. Next, a deck of cards is shown and all the cards are shown to be different. The spectator chooses a card. The envelope is opened and inside... paper-clipped to your business card is an exact match of their selected card. The spectator is suitably impressed, but they are soon astounded -- the card is turned over and their thought-of picture is shown to be drawn on the back of the card!

This is a self-working, self-contained, instantly resettable pocket miracle. There are no difficult sleights, no pocket writing, no stooging, no memory work, and it is 100% reliable. Everything you need fits inside a deck of cards plus the envelope (which comes supplied, but is optional in performance).

Visions is a real-world, working piece of magic which has been performed hundreds of times by creator and two-time FISM award winner, Matthew Wright. It can be played as a light-hearted piece of mental magic or a much more serious mentalism piece. Includes an hour of detailed instructions, plus handling for bonus routines with peek wallets and an in-depth look at the psychology of drawing duplications.

Whether you are new to magic or a fully seasoned working pro, Visions is an effect that you will be performing right away with devastating results. Highly recommended!

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Visions By Mattew Wright Review Review by Tom W
Rating 100%
I recently picked this up at The Blackpool Magic convention and am super happy with it. This effect is extremely easy to accomplish and requires no memory work at all (If you can use your memory it does make the effect easier, but you get the same result either way), just a couple of simple card techniques that you should know anyway. But if you don't guess what, Matthew also teaches those too. His instructions are clear and easy to follow which made this video pleasant to watch.

For those who were wondering, with the deck you get the pictures are pre-drawn, but Matthew has purposely left a few cards without drawings so that you can add your own.

This effect is guaranteed to "play big" I know when Matthew performed it to me I was completely fooled! Do yourself a favour and pick this up.

(Posted on 21/02/2017)

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