Wonder Blocks by Royal Magic

Wonder Blocks by Royal Magic

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A classic pocket trick.

Three "wonder blocks" and an empty tube are shown. The magician passes the blocks through the tube in this order: Red, white and blue. But when the blocks come out of the other end of the tube, they come out in a different order: Blue, red and white.

The spectators can put the blocks through the tube themselves - they never come out of the other end of the tube in the same order!

Puzzling to the nth degree. Very easy to perform. Complete with all necessary props and detailed directions.

Made in the USA .

Manufacturer Fun, Inc.
Featured Product No
Great little pocket trick. Review by Barry
Satisfaction 80%
I love this trick. There are two handlings one easy and the other not so easy if you don't know how to palm properly. The effect is quite stunning I even fooled myself the first couple of times. I only gave 4 stars as I didn't think the instructions were that good. They are enough to get you started but they are a little vague but you will still be able to work it out from the instruction sheet. There is a youtube performance of the trick and once you get the basics of the trick you'll find the youtube clip very helpful The Don't be put off by the low price or the fact that the props are plastic. This is an excellent trick and the fact that the props are plastic make it more magical in my opinion.

(Posted on 21/02/2017)

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