Words Beyond a Book Test
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Words Beyond a Book Test

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
A book test like no other!

There are many book tests on the market, but NONE offer what Words Beyond a Book Test can do. This is EXACTLY what it looks like: an examinable book is opened to any page, and the spectator thinks of a word. WITHOUT any fishing - no first letter pump - NOTHING, you immediately are able to divine the word. The concept used here is different from other book tests on the market. It's dead simple, easy to learn, and easy to perform. There's no complicated procedure to remember, either, so you can keep it on a shelf at home and do it whenever anyone asks you to do something "impromptu." For theater work, the hangman presentation, in which you play a psychic game of hangman, translates beautifully to a huge stage.

The book itself is casual and unassuming, and looks just like any mass paperback you might be reading at the time.

When we look at book tests, we judge them based on just one aspect: how realistically does it simulate mindreading? If there is an unnatural procedure ("count to the third word on the fifth line"), it's out. If there is something that leads back to the method, ("Tell me what the first word is..."), it's out. But in Words Beyond a Book Test, the impression you leave the audience with is one of PURE mindreading.

Includes gimmicked book and online instructions.
Manufacturer Vanishing Inc.
Featured Product No
Excellent book test at a sensible price Review by Lester
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
I really enjoy book tests but want to buy one that satisfied a number of criteria, Words Beyond fits the bill perfectly! One of the prime advantages of Words Beyond is its flexability. It is a stand alone effect or can be amalgamated into a multiple book effect. Another advantage is its price. I would very much like to spend hundreds of pounds on a book test but unfortunately reality kicks in! lol Words Beyond is an excellent alternative.with a Hoy Booktest included! Personally speaking, I would highly recommend it! on a variety of levels.

(Posted on 06/01/2020)

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