World Tour: Egypt Playing Cards
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World Tour: Egypt Playing Cards

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The Egypt Deck is part of the World Tour Set series of playing cards.

This back design is understated and two-color, with appearances by camels and the great pyramids. It is quite similar to card designs one would see on caravan rides that transported the earliest Egyptologists from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings.

More about the World Tour Set...

The World Tour Deck Set is a presentation "trunk" of five bespoke packs of playing cards, each highlighting a different country and culture from the turn of the last century. The World Tour Deck Set is housed in a miniature travel trunk, replete with decals from the far-off places to which the cards have traveled, to be in your collection.

The set comes with all five decks of cards in the series, and when all five decks are lined up, they create a map of the world highlighting the five featured countries: France, Switzerland, Mongolia, China, and Egypt.

But the World Tour Deck Set is more than just a trunk of playing cards: it's a story. The Great Ezra, a turn-of-the-century magician, traveled the globe and sent these decks back to you, each one with a note. All the ephemera: handwritten notes written on railcar stationery, coasters, tickets, and hotel paper... are included, to help immerse you in the spirit of the turn of the century, and how Ezra might have obtained each special deck.

The decks themselves are gorgeous, with iconography and hidden elements from the countries, culture, and time from which they've come. All printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, the cards have a durable, smooth finish ideal for shift work, gambling material, and sleights. Each deck has an extremely limited run of 1500 decks, and no more World Tour Deck Sets will ever be printed.

Note: This product is a single deck of cards. See the World Tour Set for the full collection.
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Egyptian entry in the World Tour set Review by BGG reviewer EndersGame
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The Egypt deck is part of the lavish "World Tour Set", a collection of five decks that celebrate exotic locations around the world, each deck representing the culture of a different country.

Courtesy of Cairo Cards Ltd, we head to Egypt - where of course the preferred means of transport requires us to hop aboard a local camel, as pictured on the tuck box cover. The back of the box reminds us that not all of Egypt is desert, and if we know where to look, there might be an oasis with palm trees to be found. Perhaps it will help if we have good company along the way. As the side of the tuck box reminds us, these are "Preferred Playing Cards of Egyptian Pharaohs". Whether it's native Egyptians or visiting Egyptologists, as long as someone knows the route!

The back design is one of my favourites in the series, and although it is a one way design, it features a simple yet inspiring pattern that is suggestive of ancient mosaics, and the artwork one might find in this part of the world. The two main colours of the face cards are an earthy red (hearts and diamonds), reminiscent perhaps of desert terrain, and the dark emerald green (spades and clubs) that is used on the tuck box.

I especially appreciate the court cards, all of which feature Egyptian images, and really help bring this exotic location to life. A somewhat surprising choice has been made to have the court cards of the spades and clubs match, and the same with the court cards of the hearts and diamonds, meaning that their are six unique designs in total. The font used on the indices is also stylized, and fits well with our Egypt encounter.

As we farewell Egypt, our last view is of the two matching Jokers, which both feature a lonely camel, with the pyramids fading from view in the background. We've enjoyed our stay, and undoubtedly we'll be back to play with this deck some more on another day. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

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